Molino Meocci



Molino Meocci is a haven in the heart of the Umbrian countryside providing excellent walks from gentle strolls to more hardy treks, and cycle rides, often with breathtaking views across the valley. Waymarked footpaths can be found by walking up the hill immediately behind the house, and lead to glorious ridges of the foothills of the Alpe de la Luna. The hillsides are sparsely populated, and there are few restrictions or boundaries.

St Francis built several monasteries in this region, and the peaceful tranquillity in the wooded hillsides is almost tangible, reminiscent of his teachings.

The local cycle shop in San Giustino is a base for keen local road racers, and can sometimes arrange cycle hire. Some airlines will carry cycles in bags as flight luggage.

Horses are ridden in the hills, and there is an equestrian centre at Il Violino, in the valley just west of Sansepolcro.

Deer and wild boar are regularly seen in the hillsides, and nature reserves can be found a short drive away, where rare species of birds are protected. In the hillsides around the house, many species of local birds, frogs, fish and minibeasts are found by our visitors.

Umbria is one of the most flourishing cultural centresin Italy and offers a wealth of artistic and historic riches including:

The cuisine in hilly Umbria relies heavily on rustic staples - pastas and roast meats. The region is the only area outside Piemonte where truffles are to be found in any abundance. Fresh walnuts and figs, cherries, vines and olives are all grown in the farmsteads around the house, and there are regular wine tastings and celebrations. Meat plays a leading role, especially lamb and pork, which is made into hams, sausage, salami and la porchetta, whole suckling pig stuffed with rosemary or sage, roasted on a spit. There is a range of fish including trout and crayfish from the rivers Nera, Clitunno and Scordo. Vegetable delicacies include tiny lentils from Castelluccio, beans from Trasimeno and celery and cardoons from around Trevi. Umbrian olive oil has a high reputation, particularly that from around Trevi and Spoletto.

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